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Group show at UKREiiF 2023

Ginger Works hosts a group art show for UKREiiF 2023, where art meets the environment! We are privileged to showcase thought-provoking artworks from both up-and-coming and well-established artists, all centred around the pressing theme of the environment.

Through this exhibition, our aim is to ignite conversations and raise awareness about the urgent issues our planet is facing, including climate change, sustainability, and the human impact on the natural world. We have collaborated with five local artists, including Jim McElvaney, Dan Cimmermann, Lawrence Miami, Jo Peel, and Lincoln Lightfoot. Using various mediums and techniques, they will transport you into their unique viewpoints on the environment.

Ginger Works hopes that this exhibition will inspire all visitors to reflect on their personal impact on the environment and initiate constructive discussions about creating a sustainable future. Join us in supporting sustainable initiatives and the movement towards a carbon-zero future.


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