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Illuminate by Leeds Modernist

ILLUMINATE celebrates the interplay between modernist architecture and light.  Light transforms how we perceive and experience buildings.​ 

This exhibition presents photographs from 23 artists which capture buildings across Birmingham, Glasgow, Huddersfield, Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester, Sheffield and Swansea ‘in a new light’.


Artists: Alexander Hoyles, Amy Sanderson, Cal Cole, Christian Herron, Conor Palliser, Daniel King, Eddie-Joe Robinson, Elliott Howard, Emily DeFelice, Hilary Mooney, Jack Wilson, Jessica Groves, Joshua Hart, Kimberley Harris, Luke Staunton, Richard Salkeld, Rob Lycett, Robin Maurice Barr, Sam Jones, Sander van Heyden, Steve Hodgson, Tony Kemplen, Will Southwell-Wright.

ILLUMINATE was printed by the Gareth Gardner Gallery and supported by Lumen Loom.

Leeds Modernist is a chapter of the Modernist Society, Magazine, and Shop. It showcases twentieth century architecture through events, research, public engagement, and collaborations.


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