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Meet the Artist : Sondliwe Pamisa

Based in Leeds, Sondliwe currently studies at Leeds Arts University and is a member of the Badself and Sable Radio family.


Sondliwe's exhibition, entitled 'Soil' will be exhibited in the Leeds City Free Room from March to June 2020.



"What has been the soil instrumental to my bloom? The grounds in which my roots reside. With an intimate personal style, I offer you my answer to this question. A blend of memory, imagination, love, fear and dreamscape. Pulling and placing fragments of people, place and time to arrive at some reimagined world. This practice as an entryway to self leaves me with the need to explore the various aspects of life. To articulate the grey areas, giving them colour. To give them sound. To evolve and to learn and most importantly, to understand. I ask you now that we’ve embarked on this journey of discovery together, what has been the soil instrumental to your bloom?"


If you are interested in purchasing one of Sondliwe's paintings, please give us a call!

Instagram: @sondliwe

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