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Meet the Artist : Hazel Battersby

Hazel Battersby is a Scottish artist, based in York. Hazel has exhibited throughout the UK.

Hazel's solo exhibition 'Markers' will be on display at Ginger Works from August to October 2022.


‘Markers’ @ Ginger Works, collates a collection of work from 2021. Hazel’s paintings are inspired by landscape but remain essentially abstract.

'Markers' summarises key elements of the referencing process;

Firstly, the physical processes involved in making my paintings; the marks made by varied media including pastel, charcoal, pencil and paint. Through exploration of mark-making, drawing and collage, both abstract and descriptive properties develop.

This is combined with the process of marking the landscape through visiting remote places, observing, walking, exploring and drawing to document a sense of place. Inspiration often comes from visiting varied locations within the UK, observing and experiencing dramatic landscape.



Instagram: @hazelbattersbyart

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