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Meet the Artist : Dan Cimmermann

Dan Cimmermann is a contemporary figurative painter based in North England. Dan has exhibited in solo and group exhibitions globally including New York, Tokyo, London, Sheffield and Newcastle.

Dan's solo exhibition 'THE FIGHTERS' will be on display at Ginger Works from February to April 2023. 


‘The Fighters’ @ Ginger Works is a series of figurative works presenting fighters in various forms.

Drawing inspiration from the moving figures of Universal Everything and the paintings of Helen Saunders and the Vorticists, the work is inspired by the aesthetic of old beat-em-up video games- Street Fighter II, Tekken 3, Double Dragon. 

It draws upon the romanticism of epic battles recalled, myth and legend, explores 'Brits Abroad' culture and the boxer as hard-man and working class hero. It focuses on the immigrant as fighter and frown upon the perils of illegal immigration. 


Picasso's 'Les Demoiselles D'Avignon' and 'Guernica' are referenced in the work.       

Instagram: @dancimmermann



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