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Meet the Artist : Jim McElvaney

Jim McElvaney is a Sheffield based portrait artist. Predominately working in paint, ink and pencil, he is fascinated with the way we look at people, and the stories we create when watching strangers.

Ginger Works hosts a solo exhibition 'Do you do landscapes?' for Jim McElvaney, which aim at capturing both the anonymity and familiarity of the people we usually only ever glimpse at! 

Jim’s latest work sees him explore various techniques, from line drawings and mono types to mixed media painting. Each piece acts as the record of an intimate outburst of feeling and intuition.

With an eye for those who are usually unseen, Jim’s paintings have long been an example of contemporary British expressionism. This new collection continues his ever-persistent desire to make us look closer, past the strangeness of strangers, to see our other selves.


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