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Meet the Artist : Lawrence Miami

Based in North Lincolnshire, Lawrence works across a variety of mediums but has a primary focus on drawing, painting and collage. Lawrence's exhibition, entitled 'In the Mind Garden' was exhibited in the Leeds City Free Room from May to July 2022.



"‘In the Mind Garden @ Ginger Works’ gathers a collection of improvised biro drawings on paper, canvas and wood from 2019 - 2022.

The Mind Garden Series, focused on process over any particular theme. Began as improvised biro drawing sessions in notebooks. The drawings began to grow in scale. Moving from sheets of paper to shop bought canvas and beyond. Masochistically scratching through 100s of pens in the process. Creating in Introspect, a rather alien look at my subconscious across a collection of surreal and playful drawings.

Heavily influenced by Miró after visiting the Joan
Miró foundation as a kid. Both the Mind Garden title
and my general studio practice, relates and is inspired by this quote.


“I think of my studio as a vegetable garden, where things follow their natural course..."



Instagram: @lawrence_miami

Mind Garden 8.jpg
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